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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Day I Died

The day I died was the best day of my life,
It was awesome you know
I had lived, been there and did all that could be done
And life as I had known it had changed

You see, my death was kind of a suicide mission
I wanted to die, I realized I needed to
What had happened was I met this guy,
He is the flyest guy I have ever known
When he speaks, you just have to listen and obey
He has that kind of effect on people
So when I met Him, he told me he loved me
And that if I loved him back, I'll die
And so I did.

See, to die is gain.
The profit of letting every will and want and desire go and dying is awesome
The feeling of being free and no longer being held captive by this world
O how I loved the day I died

The day I died was not a sorrowful ceremony
Yes, the world had lost one
But in heaven
The angels, the saints that had gone before and a huge cloud of witnesses threw a party on my death
O how I loved the day I died

My friends thought I was crazy
My family thought I was mad
People could not comprehend
The world could not understand how I will die and not "live" by it standards
Well, it’s not about them
It’s about Him, the One I love
So I will not just die but imma die daily
Because it’s not my will now but His be done
And if I don’t kill this flesh then my life is done
And it is not about me but it’s ALL about him
O how I loved the day I died

The day I died was the best day of my life
I said the day I died was the first best day of the rest of my "new" life
I had died in him, I was crucified in him
So I can have life abundantly
I died to my flesh and my Spirit was awakened in Christ Jesus
Now I don't walk in the way I used to walk before
I am no longer subject to the dictates of this world
No longer do I work by flesh but by the spirit of the living God
O how i loved the day I died

You know what’s funny.
If I didn’t die now, I was gonna die anyways
So I figured, why not die now before I self-destruct
Why not die in Him instead of die outside him
Why not be buried with him in baptism and be resurrected through faith
Why don’t I just die now

The day I died was awesome
I was quickened with him and He forgave out all my transgressions
So that as far as the east is from the west I am forgiven
Blotting out the ordinances written against me,
Making a show of principalities and powers, making a mockery of them openly
Oh how I loved the day I died

Because the day I died, was the day I started to live



  1. Hmmmm,this is sooo nice.I'm gonna go through your other peoms.Nice one man!

  2. Ok, I'm so loving this. Nice piece. Well done here!

  3. "Because the day I died, was the day I started to live"..........................WORD!!!!!!!!


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