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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Keep Speakin'

This is dedicated to every child who has been told their opinions don't matter, that they are too young to make a difference... You are not too young... You can make a difference...

Keep speakin' litttle child, keep speakin'
Someday I know they will listen.
Keep speakin' dear child, keep speakin'
The voice once rejected will be the voice of reason.

I don't know how long you have been speakin' but please don't stop
I don't know how long you have been ignored , please don't quit
I look up to you little child,
Your courage inspires me,
Your determination is highly motivating,
When I see you I have hope,
You give me a reason to press on, day after day, night after night.

Keep speakin' dear child, speak louder,
They cannot take away your voice.
They cannot shut your mouth even if they tried,
They'll only be fighting a lost battle.
Have they heard of Solomon, Josiah or Daniel?
You are a reflection of their wisdom.
Have they heard of Blaise Pascal, Benjamin Franklin or Louis Braille?
You are more creative than they were...

Dear child, Keep speakin'
You never know who is listening,
Be it a human or The Creator himself,
One of them sure is listenin'


  1. "You never know who is listening, be it a human or the Creator Himself..."



  3. gud stuff.gr8 encouragement. hav JOY fam

  4. Very touching and so real to the children who have been told their opinions don't matter , sometimes I felt like that as a child, love this post, you write well....keep it up

  5. @yankeenaijababe... thank you....blushing here

  6. Hmm,,,,not bad at all. NOT BAD AT ALL!!!!I likey;)

  7. "I don't know how long you have been speakin' but please don't stop
    I don't know how long you have been ignored , please don't quit"

    Its amazing how we gauge wisdom by age, i have learnt over time that there sure is wisdom even in the bosom of the young.

    I loved the poem

  8. Have you considered "poetry jamz"?!U would rock at that!U cld even organize one. We can talk on it. Holler on my page.

    BTW,To all that noticed the problem,i did change my url:
    *Be nice to follow all over again*

  9. I should have read this as a child... but it's not too late...

    sweet ...

  10. Harry this is great. Congratulations. It is glaring that you have creative capabilities.

  11. I like this. It subtly captures both the innocence and the innate intelligence of the child.


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