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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


An amazing poem inspired by my stage name, Anani. Be blessed. Also, watch out for my mixtape coming out May 8th... The name is Poetically Speaking and it is Spoken Word meets hip hop...Enjoy the poem.

Anani, my Rock and Refuge,
He is my very present hep in time of need.
Anani, my rock and fortress,
The Lord who is, who was and is to come.
Many times I could not sleep at night,
But His name is a strong tower.
Many foes try to break my flight,
But we overcome via His awesome power.
He watches my path everyday,
He's my Shield and Glory, the lifter of my head.
Anani, Yahweh is a covering,
The only covering that cannot be uncovered.
Anani, Yahweh is a covering,
His everlasting arms are under me.
Anani, Yahweh is a covering,
He is the One who is mighty to save.
Anani, Yahweh is a covering,
The One who answers when i call.
Anani, Yahweh is a covering,
The only true rest for my soul.
When I am weary and heavy burdened,
When I am sad and gloomy,
When the storms of life are drowning me,
One thing I know for sure,
Anani, Yahweh is a covering


  1. I must confess my 1st thot of the name was anini. So I was highly interested in this one. Nice one
    WHat is "Anini" please?
    I'm waiting for the mixtape

  2. Anani means my cloud or covering in Hebrew...Ananiah is Yahweh is a cloud or covering... My Anani is a short form of Yahweh is a covering

  3. Oh that explains it. Lovely poem!

  4. I was wondering if it was God or something else "Anani" else but I love the meaning, very spiritual for real. I will be waiting for the upcoming one in stay blessed always.

  5. Anani, Yahweh is a covering,
    The only covering that cannot be uncovered.....

    i think those words are just beautiful...hmm, I'm on a God high these days o, and you guys just keep helping me remain there...


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