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Monday, April 19, 2010

Me & You

Like Out of Eden, I have been looking for love,
In wrong places, in "right" places, in every place.
Looking for someone to satisfy,
The longings I feel inside.
Truth is, friends come and friends go,
Lovers stay as long as the feelings last.
My endless search has brought me pain and reproach,
A broken heart, a crushed soul and a wounded spirit.
Oh, the nights I stayed up waiting for that call,
Or the times I sat thinking, maybe, just maybe,
Trying to hide my insecurities in a lovers touch,
Or building my insecurities on lust not love.
(It's crazy man)
I had to realize no one can love me like You do,
Love starts, ends and finds existence in You (You are Love).
This love doesn't break hearts but molds them,
It does not crush the soul but it is the ultimate soul food,
It doesn't wound the spirit but gives a new Spirit, a Comforter,
It took a while but this I know for sure

After searching far and wide,
After taking fruitless strides,
One thing that remains constant,
Is that it is just me & You.
After all has been said and done,
Any everyone else is gone,
One thing I know for sure,
It is just me & You (in this world).


So what do you think?