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Monday, May 31, 2010

Me and Jesus

The new book I am writing inspires this poem. I hope that even as you read it you will be blessed.
Friends come and go,
Me and Jesus still remain .
Family can betray you,
Me and Jesus are still tight.
People judge and criticise,
Me and Jesus know what’s up.
The enemy tries to steal my joy,
Me and Jesus overcome.
I am so in love with Him,
He is the One who rescued me.
I am so in love with Him,
He is the One who takes care of me.
I am so in love with Him,
Under His arms, I find peace.
I am so in love with Him.
My burdens and fears are on Him.
I don’t care what this world may bring,
I don’t care what anyone thinks,
Someday I will see Him,
(and me and Jesus)
We will live happily ever after.

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  1. chai!!!!!!! hot!!!!!!!! I love JESUS!!!!!

  2. i have been trying to comment on your other blog: talkoholic and it will not allow me too..i write the comment then when it ask for verification it does not show me the box to write the :(

  3. nice one,,.
    we'll live happily ever after...

  4. This is really good. Going over to vote.

  5. Jesus n I...4eva...i love that

  6. Me and Jesus we are tight.

    I love it.

    Nice lines

  7. I think this is a beautiful blog. Wow, I'm inspired when I see young people living for God and living out their purpose. Thanks for your comments on my blog and all the best with your book writing. God bless you Harry

  8. This shows true devotion to Jesus, but it shows no devotion to the art of poetry, sorry to say. This really is "not good". It is poor free-verse, just chopped up prose really, a blog-post in lines, and the expression is uninspiring.

  9. Lovely... Lovely.... Jesus and us all...


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