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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On High

This is another spoken word piece inspired by my new book, Me & Jesus. Enjoy

I am on a different high,
I am high on the Most High,
And His son, Jesus,
Who has been lifted on high,
Not by me, but by the Most High.
This Jesus is highly lifted up,
So high, that when we look up,
We see Him seated on the right side of the Most High,
Man, I am on High,
So high, It is like I am on cloud nine, ten or 99.
This Jesus who was put on the cross,
Is risen on high, high above the galaxies.
I am on high because,
Anytime I think & try to fathom Him,
I get on a different high.
So high, so high, so high,
Can't you see Him?
Have you not heard of His fame?
If you have not seen or heard,
Abeg look on high,
You will see Him there, shining in the light of His glory,
My God is on high,
He aint a local champion (Wetin you dey talk?)
I am so high, I can touch the sky like Kanye,
This Jesus not only walks, He soars with me,
Me on His wings, gliding up in the air, He is on high,
And now He runs this town, not only tonight,
But forever, He is the King of kings and Lord of lords,
He is on high.
He rules this body, His temple
I am on high,
If you still no get this tory
Check the Most High's love letter to man,
Then maybe you will understand why,
This son of the Most High is on high!

Audio coming soon...

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  1. Harry rocks! I enjoyed every bit of this, thanks for sharing dude

  2. Thank God i read the rest....after" I am on a different high"
    Captivating to the end!!!

  3. This got me on a HIGH this morning... lovely


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