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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Listening to the silence

In the room all alone
No movement anywhere
Sun rays coming through closed windows
I am in a corner listening to the silence
Can you hear it?
I can hear it clearly
I can hear it loudly


In the silence I hear the cry of forgotten dreams
In the silence I hear the voice of my reasoning
Broken promises, lies told
Secrets kept, childhood fears
Listen again


I hear the voice of a child
"I am gonna be great" he says
I look into his eyes
I see my reflection.
I look at him again
Now he is smiling
He holds my hand
And leads me to a large room.
The sign above the door says "Room of forgotten dreams"
I look at my dreams and aspirations
Wow. Wow
The child tugs at my sleeves
He asks
When did you stop believing?
What happened to you?
I close my eyes and hold back tears
I wipe the tears and open my eyes
I am back in that corner
Hands on my head, mouth sealed
I ask the silence "what happened to me?"
"How did I get here?"
In the silence, I hear another voice
Soft. Simple. Calm.
Soothing and relaxing.
"Be still and know I am God"
And the silence continues


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  1. Reads like a song...thanks for sharing this inspiring piece!

  2. A delightful read. It feels almost familiar... perhaps my own plight with life.

    Love, love, love the second stanza...

    Thank you,
    Shay aka @photograbber

  3. Nice piece! I can relate to the message and the mood that gave birth to this. (Y)

  4. Nice one! Nice one!

    Blogoratti said it read like a song. I held my breathe reading it

  5. And it feels like Biblical poetry. I like this!

  6. Its something we can all relate to...nice. Job well done (y)

  7. Its really nice. I like how you explored the paradoxical idea of 'listening to silence' and the experience the act of solitude inspired. Brilliant!

  8. I really like this, more so because the message is so true and it speaks loudly in this poem. Loved the last stanza the most. Thanks for sharing this with me, H :)

  9. wow it's as if you wrote about me

    I loved this.

  10. This is one message a lot of us can relate to...I love it, most especially cos it ends with hope

  11. awww...this is the best words/poem i've read in a while...It's like having a conversation of hope...I love it

  12. Nice poem.
    The child and the man communicating abi?
    Happens to all of us; you wake up with so many dreams but u go to bed and find life has caught up with u...

    Visit my blog too! c ya!

  13. All of my offerings as a psychotherapist, writer and teacher, come from a devotion to Silence and to its creative expression.


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