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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


There was a time when all was rosy
Life was a garden of beautiful roses
There was always something to lean on
Something to hold on to

I woke up one day and the walls had been torn down
My garden, my sanctuary had been exposed
How did my walls so strong come tumbling down
The hedge was broken, snakes everywhere

This realization had my head spinning
I mean, who would have thought?
I had it all.
And now, it was exposed. I am vulnerable

With the torn walls came the fire
It started from my feet, burning all the way to the top.
Every single part of my body was consumed in the flames
The heat of the fire tearing past my flesh, into my soul

Hurt doesnt describe it.
Pain. Anguish. I couldn't have survived.No way I could have.
As I drew close to death, i looked through scarred eyes
I saw them laugh.


Who cares what they think? I am about to meet my maker

Am I?

Just then

Like a pheonix, I rose from the ashes
A new born, a new creature.
Pure as Gold, fine as fine can be
Who would have thought?

I am now in a new garden
Far beautiful than the previous
There are no walls anywhere
But I am stronger now
And so is my Protector



  1. Great post, l love the deep meaning of u de?longest time

  2. Interesting concept.

    I am always intrigued by prose where we rise from the ashes. I love the idea of being born again, better, faster, stronger...

    Thank you so much for sharing.


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