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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another poem from down there...

I sit silent watching the stars in the sky,
Oh how they shine so brightly,
Piercing the darkness all around,
And somehow illuminating my soul.

I close my eyes taking a deep breath,
Tingling my senses with sensations I have never felt before,
I open my eyes looking into the darkness,
And somehow I see light

Looking past who I am, to the person I will be,
Looking past the pain, to the joy that comes after
Looking past my self to the One that holds me now and forever
I find hope, I find joy, I find peace



  1. ...and looking past the momentary troubles to the eternal glory which outweighs them all. :)
    Nice one! I really like the 3rd stanza. (Y)

  2. tonikuyinu is absolutely correct about the 3rd stanza...

    beautiful pace and rhythm.

    Thank you for the invite to comment.

  3. I'm with Wale, the 3rd stanza is so spot on...nice one


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