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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just Wondering

This is a spoken word peice and would be best enjoyed heard. Tried uploading the audio but you know how our network is. Anyways, listen and be blessed

I am just wondering,
How I came into existence,
How the human body was wired to do all that it does,
It leaves me wondering,
How the sun, moon, stars and the planets hang there in the galaxies,
Looking at nature; the trees, the seas, rivers, mountains, oceans, how did He do it?
Some people say there is no God, They say he don't exist
Do you choose to believe that everything that happened "just happened"
No. I cannot. I refuse to believe that
That breathing in and out "just happens"?
I think I'll pass
Call me stupid, call me dumb,
I'll believe in a God that claims to be "ALL POWERFUL"
Than believe in... well... Nothing
I believe that an all powerful God has made all things perfect and in perfect order
This is what I choose to believe
This is whom I will believe in
'Cause He is the only one that leaves me
Just wondering


So what do you think?